• Half Price Shipping Offer

    Posted on 18 Dec 2018 17:35

    We are offering to split the shipping cost with customers who order parts and minifigures valued at $35 or more. (New sealed sets are not eligible for this offer). USA customers only.

    Just select "USPS Half-price shipping offer" on checkout.

    Shipping rates vary based on the weight of your order and distance from New York. We have no other fees or charges in our store.


    Order Weight & destinationRegular shippingHalf-price shipping offer
    3 oz - east coast$3.75$1.88
    3 oz - west coast$4.25$2.13
    13 oz - east cost$5.00$2.50
    13 oz - central$5.25$2.63
    32 oz - all regions$8.00$4.00


  • Shipping new sealed sets

    Posted on 18 Mar 2018 02:05

    We use very simple flat rate shipping for loose pieces, minifigs and used sets.
    Boxed sets can have higher shipping costs based on the volume. 
    There are a few shipping options, depending how important the box is to you:
    1. Ship the sealed set in another box for protection.
    2. Mail the sealed set wrapped in thick shipping paper. 
    3. Discard the box and send only the sealed LEGO bags inside and instructions.
    You can let us know which option you prefer, or wait and we will quote the rates for each option.